Interior of St. Bartholomew Church in Hniezdne

St. Bartholomew Church is a classicist single nave building. In the context of the village, the church appears monumental and cultivated. The main goal of the reconstruction was to allow a comfortable stay inside even in the winter months. New layer of floor with heating and stone pavement were added to the original layers of the floor. In the nave, pavement is from sandstone and in sanctuary from local travertine. The shape of the raised floor of the sanctuary and the altar position have changed gently. The altar should appear as a block of one piece of polished travertine. Other furniture is made of dark colored wood, which is in contrast with the pale surface of the pavement.

Co-author: Stanislav Šutvaj
Area: 375 m2
Design and project: 2016
Realization: 2017

Photos: Pavol Mičáň