Family house, Ružomberok – Biely Potok

The house is built at the rear of a garden belonging to the parents’ house. The length and width of the garden allowed a single-story disposition. An iron reinforced concrete slab “floats” half a meter above the flat land on which a wooden house (with a pillar structure) is built. A shed roof projection is the same as the floor plan of the floating slab. This way the covered space between the interior and the exterior is created around the house and extends the living area of the house. The height of the day living part goes up to the roof structure and the night part is reduced by a suspended ceiling. All living spaces have a link to the garden. The house was largely self-built with great enthusiasm of the builders – a young couple. The building is a proof that an eager amateur with an eye for detail can work wonders. Similarly to the family house in Černová, there were no means for the best materials, professional firms and magazine interior, which however did not mind. A simple mass concept can bear it.

Design: 2007

Project: 2008

Construction: 2009-2012

Built-up area = 228

Useful floor area = 112

Photographer: Pavol Mičáň