Townhall, Leopoldov – competition

Leopoldov is a small town of 4,000 people in western Slovakia. The municipal office is located in inadequate premises on a corner plot. The assignment of the competition was to design a new city office together with the city library on the given plot of land (possibly using the existing premises). We decided to demolish the original buildings and design a new building on the corner lot that integrates the city office and the library. During the preparation of the working model of part of the square, we realized that main square is shaped by buildings grouped into blocks that create private courtyards. The proposed building of the municipal office follows this logic – it just reverses it. An open block with a public courtyard will be created. Next, we looked for the ideal layout of the city office – so that the layout confirms the principle described above. So that even the premises of the office and the library communicate with the public courtyard – so that the mass of the building corresponds to this – As much glazing and openness as possible towards the courtyard and towards the greenery and closure towards the busy road. In the search for a layout solution, we tried to give the space on the ground floor as much flexibility as possible. That’s why we are designing the yard area itself as a clean concrete area, so that markets, concerts, etc. can be held here. The variability of the division allows for a generous entrance space, which can be completely connected to the courtyard after a part of the facade is rolled back. If necessary, the space of the wedding hall or conference room can be separated with mobile partitions. In addition to the local program, we have added an information center with a cafe to the city library, which can bring life to the square in front of the city hall throughout the year.


Competition 2014

Visualizations: Pavol Mičáň