Roof apartment in a residential house, Ružomberok – Malé Tatry

The Malé Tatry area is an exceptional residential complex on the southern slope of the Čebrať Hill. It is not just architecture and respectable craftwork of the two types of residential houses that attract the attention, but it is especially their sensitive contour setting, intelligent solutions of driveways and pedestrian routes and intersections of public and semi-public areas. The main task was to create one new residential unit in the attic and extend the existing apartment into the attic of the highest set residential house. We wanted to create airy modern living at treetop level and at the same time we did not want to harm the quality of architecture of the mid-20th-century residential houses. The dormer window implementation has brought an interesting experience of perceiving different proportions viewed from outside and inside. The dormer appears smaller in an overall view of the residential house, while it is dominant in the interior and seems spacious thanks to panoramic views of the surrounding of Ružomberok.

Co-author: Stanislav Šutvaj

Design and project: 2012

Construction: 2013

Useful area of the attic: 158 m²

Photographer: Stanislav Šutvaj