Apartment reconstruction, Ružomberok

The challenge of the reconstruction was to get sunlight into an apartment that is a part of a nice old brick apartment building. As the main living areas are facing north and a busy street, through opening the disposition, i.e. connecting the living room with the kitchen, the living space has expanded on the south facade. A big opening was made there and thus a spacious terrace could arise on a stainless construction. The apartment has also gained a connection with the quiet yard in the inner block. Atypical built-in furniture (kitchen and living room wall units) creates a continuous spatial element that unifies the rugged residential area. Regarding the material, the furniture follows the black-and-white color scheme of the floors and walls. The background is made of ebony reconstituted veneer and the cabinets are made of bleached maple reconstituted veneer.

Construction: 2009-2011

Co-author of construction: Martin Bišťan

Atypical furniture production: Róbert Weidlich – ARW studio

Useful area: 85 m²

Photographer: Pavol Mičáň