Family house reconstruction, Ružomberok – Bottova

The house is located near the center of Ružomberok, on a corner plot. The main challenge was to rebuild the original house into full living for a young family, i.e. an open-plan living area – well sunlit with a link to the garden on the north side and an attic used as a night part. At the same time, the customers wanted to retain the original character of the house – not to change the proportions too much. Structural modifications were quite substantial: the roof including the original rafters and beamed ceiling were removed (well-preserved beams were used as support of cantilevered parts of the roof), almost all internal partitions were demolished, openings were enlarged and an internal staircase to the basement was added. The new roof copies the original shape (hipped in the L-shaped floor plan), projecting only on two ends: on one side it creates the terrace roof, on the second one it covers the pedestrian entrance to the house. A dormer window shielded with titanium zinc on the south side illuminates the attic. Two panoramic windows with a fixed frame and a width of nearly 4m create a spectacular impression inside the main living area. The interior is dominated by an atypical staircase to the attic (oak veneer and glass). The cooperation with the clients, who are friends and family, was extremely rewarding with a great deal of confidence.

Design: 2007

Project: 2008

Construction: 2009-2012

Built-up area = 115 m²

Useful floor area = 250 m²,

Photographer: Pavol Mičáň