Guesthouse, Kraľovany

The yard we dealt with consists of a number of buildings that were added gradually. When viewed from the street, the right part consists of two buildings that are vacant and considerably run-down. The static construction of the house facing the street is deteriorated, so it will be wise to restore it. The second house in a raw, built from concrete shuttering blocks, should be preserved as it has agreeable proportions and picturesque facade facing the courtyard. The interior has a sensible layout with spacious rooms. It could form the center of the future guesthouse and the whole yard. The owner would like to make the most of the buildings and the yard mainly for accommodation. Besides tourists it could provide accommodation for railroad workers and after the initiation of building a highway around Kraľovany also for construction workers. In the longer term, it seems most sensible to build the yard gradually in such a way that could offer the most comfortable environment for tourists. It is obvious that the complex will be built gradually depending on economic possibilities. What is interesting about the current status of the yard is the fact that it connects seemingly disparate objects into a single unit. It is evident that each building part originated at different times and in different conditions.

The proposal seeks to answer the following questions:

How to add a new function to a diverse yard consisting of objects finished gradually in different conditions while maintaining a sense of non-completion and the possibility of further growth?

How not to design a building but rather a template (grid) that will allow adding construction volume (accommodation capacity) based on the future possibilities of the owners?

How not to pay attention to a single object but rather micro-urbanism of the yard and thus enable blending and complementing of construction layers and functions?

How to give an impulse to growth and change and not to blockage and freezing through this design?

Design: 2013

Interior visualization: Pavol Mičáň

Land area = 2513

Built-up area = 413

Built-up volume = 16 %

Paved area = 533 m²

Enclosed volume of building no. 1 = 660 m³

Enclosed volume of building no. 2 = 470 m³

Enclosed volume of building no. 3 = 440 m³

Number of 3-bed apartments = 5

Number of double rooms = 10

Bed capacity= 35

Number of parking lots = 12