Family house extension, Ružomberok

The core idea of the design was to think over the disposition of the original family house in Ružomberok and to adjust it to a contemporary lifestyle and needs of a young family. Before the reconstruction, the house was only little connected with a spacious garden of south orientation. Instead of one organizing dwelling space, the layout consisted of rather small rooms. The problem was also to find a way how to extend the house into the attic without sacrificing a characteristic form and proportion of this catalogue house, so typical in the northern Slovakia in the period of the 60’s and 70’s. Most of these houses have a square floor plan of about 10 × 10m and a low inclined hip roof. Thoughtless attic expansion of such a house (as it usually happens in our conditions) consists of raising foundation walls, gable roof and gable walls. However, since the houses have a large floor plan, the roof will be lifted and together with the gable walls will cause that it suddenly becomes a large monster without proportions. As I wanted to avoid this option in designing, I designed an extension to the house towards the garden. Up to present, stage 1 has been implemented, i.e. an extension on the residential floor. In the future, they can continue in spreading the attic in a similar way (see visualization). The roof tiles and skirting of the original house have been exchanged and the plaster has been renovated. Thanks to the extension, the main dwelling space has been considerably expanded, illuminated and opened to the garden. No building intervention can be spotted from the street – the house has the original form, so characteristic of the houses in the Liptov region.

Design: 2008 (Matúš Bišťan)

Project: 2009 (Matúš Bišťan)

Construction: 2010-2012

Built area: original = 137 m², new = 150 m²

Useful area of the residential floor: 120.5 m²

Photographer: Pavol Mičáň